Dog Photography books

Here are a few samples of the books we have already published. So far we have done three books on dogs and their territories in areas close to Sydney.

The first book was about dogs living in Balmain, which is the area where the studio is based. To some degree this was just going to be a trial, however it turned out to be such a success that this project expanded and became a main theme to continue.

I then decided to cover Annandale and Glebe as my son who at the time worked in Annandale and said the dog population was simply huge and was a must do area. This not only turned out to be true but confirmed to me that dog photography was my future choice for photography.

The most recent book is about the council area where I live, which is the Marrickville Council. This was a project that I was very keen to do and showcase an area I am personally very fond of and love it's overall vibe.

Right now I am looking for dogs in the Sydney City Council area and should you have or know someone who has a dog in this area, then click to this page to register. The business is called My Dog's Territory and love to have your dog participate.